Current Funded Research Projects

NOURISH: Nutrition and Treatment Outcome: Development of a Ugandan – IRish HIV / Nutrition ReSearcH Cluster

Poor nutritional status and food insecurity is associated with immunological impairment and adverse health outcomes among children and adults infected with HIV, who are receiving treatment. Although Uganda’s response to HIV/AIDS has been recognised to be relatively effective, there are emerging issues which require urgent attention. NOURISH will increase our understanding of the complex interactions between food security, HIV/AIDS and socio-economic factors, to impact intervention programmes at national level and benefit the poor in Uganda. NOURISH will create a HIV/Nutrition research cluster of academics, clinicians and policy contributors which will build research and teaching capacity in Irish and Ugandan institutions and will be the mechanism for delivery of the project objectives. The cluster will be led by Trinity College Dublin with key partners Makerere University and the Infectious Diseases Institute at MU, Gulu University and the Joint Clinical Research Centre, along with supporting partners University College Dublin and Kings College London. Researchers with expertise in health sciences, natural sciences and economics will design and deliver interventions to determine impact of environmental, health and economic factors on the experience and outcomes of Ugandans living with HIV/AIDs. Capacity to deliver world-class research and teaching will be built in the Ugandan partner institutions through training of existing and new academic and clinical staff. This proposal will inform Irish Aid’s research and policy strategy around Health and HIV/AIDS, and Hunger in Uganda. The research priorities chosen have direct relevance to addressing the poverty related diseases of HIV and malnutrition; project interventions have the potential to have a significant positive impact on the wellbeing of poor people in Uganda and similar environments throughout Africa.

Understanding household behaviour in a development context

This research primarily uses the Vietnamese Access to Resources Household Survey instrument (2006 – 2012) to gather appropriate data for the purpose of analysing important issues relating to resource allocation, agriculture, the environment and poverty reduction in developing countries. The survey is carried out in rural areas of 12 provinces of Vietnam every year and consists of a sample of over 2,000. The survey is developed by the Development Economics Research Group, Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen and the Institute of Labour Studies and Social Affairs, Hanoi Vietnam.

Industrial evolution and development

Analyses of the evolution of the Vietnamese industrial sector since 2000 with a particular focus on issues related globalization and international integration such as industry dynamics, technology diffusion, trade, productivity and corporate social responsibility. This research uses data gathered from the Vietnamese Enterprise Survey and includes a module on technology diffusion, trade and corporate social responsibility which has been specifically designed for this purpose.

Learning to Compete: Accelerating Industrial Development in Africa.

This is a collaborative project between UNU-WIDER and Brooking Institution,Washington. This research aims to uncover the reasons why Africa has failed to industrialize and addresses the key areas of exports, skills, agglomeration an FDI.The project includes ten countries in Africa and two in East Asia and involves using a common analytical framework across all countries to answer questions related to these key areas using firm level data and country case studies. As one of the Lead Academics on the project I am involved in the general design of the research and am specifically responsible for overseeing the work of the country teams in Cambodia, Nigeria and Uganda. For more information please click here.

Evaluation of Agricultural Policy Reform in the EU
A micro level analysis of the Irish agri-food sector: lessons and recommendations
from Denmark and the Netherlands. Funded by the Research Stimulus Fund of the
Department of Agriculture and Food 2007-2012.

Teagasc Walsh Fellowship Programme. An investigation into the factors determining
farmer’s investment decisions. September 2009 – August 2012.