Work In Progress


Information  delivery, Nutrition and HIV Treatment: Evidence from a randomized field  experiment on women living with HIV in Uganda [with Patrick Korugyendo, Frances Nakakawa and Gaia Narciso]

Inspiring women: Experimental evidence on sharing  entrepreneurial skills in rural Uganda [Patrick Korugyendo, Frances Nakakawa and Gaia Narciso]. Check out our inspiring women’s videos: Sarah’s story, Alice’s story, Jovia’s story and Mugenyi’s story.


Imports, Supply Chains and Productivity [with J. Rand and F. Tarp]

Does CSR matter in competitive industries? Evidence from Vietnamese manufacturing firms [with J. Rand, T. Talbot and F. Tarp]

Transmitting socially responsible behaviour: an unexplained spillover from foreign enterprises [with J. Rand, F. Tarp and N. Trifkovic]

Identifying direct FDI linkages through triangulation [with J. Page, J. Rand, A. Shimeles, M. Soderbom and F. Tarp]


Does Reinforcing Spouses’ Land Rights Reduce Child Work by Altering Social Norms. [with J. Matz and G. Narciso]

Network Effects and Land Redistribution: A Natural Experiment in Zimbabwe. [with T. McIndo-Calder]

Risk and Household Investment Decisions: Evidence from Rural Vietnam [with F. Wainwright and F. Tarp]